We know good health is high on the list of 50+ priorities and that they’re prepared to invest in the both maintenance and improvement of it. But we’ve also seen those pictures of

creaking codgers promoting shark cartilage as a way of getting up and down stairs for a few more years. These are ads aiming at the 50+ community, people who are still out there smashing it in many forms of exercise – or at least they think they’d like to.

So it’s good to see Nature’s Own has recognised that the market is not hanging up the boots yet. It’s promoting a range of supplements as a direct form of performance enhancement, rather than just treatments to stave off the ravages of time. The campaign not only locks directly into the brand name – always a plus in a world of brand confusion – but each story told is demonstrates a particular product in the range and explains its specific properties. Mental toughness, ambition and a never-say-die attitude are all captured here. Wish we’d done this. Congrats Nature’s Own.