Well, the quick answer is: ‘not much’ … other than the fact that I have a lot more money than he does.

In a recent study conducted by Ipsos Research – and reported by eMarketer – it showed a lot of similarity in digital device usage between the ad industry coveted 18-24 demographic (my son) and the largely ignored 55-64 segment (that’s me).
In terms of smartphone usage: 94% for 55-64 and 97% for 18-24. And for tablets, it was tied at 51%.
In terms of a device used to purchase digitally: only 17% of 55-64’s used a smartphone, while 55% of 18-24’s did. And the scores for tablets we’re both low at 11% (55-64) and 17% (18-24).
Most people in the 55-64 segment made purchases from their laptops (51%) or desktop (60%) which may indicate a more ‘considered’ purchase rather than a more ‘impulsive’ one made by ‘the kids’.
Regardless of the device used, it’s crazy – and frankly, untrue – to believe that over 50’s aren’t digitally locked in. Why would modern advertisers still think otherwise?
The reality is, everyone is digital these days. However, not everyone is worth the same. And as much as I love my son … I’m worth a lot more.