Frank said it best – or at least sung it best – on the great Ervin Drake song, ‘It Was a Very Good Year’, from the 1965 album, September of My Years. In the song, Frank works his way from the ages of 17, 21, 35 and then all of a sudden, jumps to, ‘But now the days grow short, I’m in the autumn of the year’ and then compares himself to a vintage wine, Which, I guess, is not a bad thing.

Now, I can understand Frank not wanting to work his way through 5 or 6 more decades (after all, unless Frank was ‘going prog’, he had to keep the song under 4 minutes), he does wrap it up pretty quickly, giving the impression that after 35, it all gets a bit faded, misty and reflective.

That said, it is Frank’s world and we just live in it. And the song is a bonafide classic. But given that the average age is now 80+, how would the the song be written today? Well, for lyrical inspiration, one could check out the AARP’s Disrupt Aging website and an article asking 10 ‘disrupters’, ‘what was the best year of their life?’

Check it out and you’ll find that its always a good year, no matter what age, when you’re doing it ‘My Way’ (meaning, your way.)