Not wanting to be a bummer this early in the year, but Roy Morgan just released a report that shows two-fifths of Australians (40%) think 2020 will be ‘worse’ than 2019. This represents an increase of 26% points from last year and is the highest figure since 1990. Check out the article at However, the good news is: WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GO SHOPPING! Over 50’s hold over 70% of the discretionary income in Australia – and according to Starts @ 60 magazine, 21.6% plan to buy major household goods over the next 6 months, 73% have saved for a holiday, 27% have saved for a new car and 47% attend shows and events, regularly. So, if you think growing your business is going to be tough in 2020, don’t get too bummed out. Just remember, it’s not too tough to tap into the NEW OLD market. Just contact us today.