MAKE SURE TO SAVE SOME TOILET PAPER FOR AFTER THE VIRUS. YOU’LL NEED IT. Because you’re sure to shit yourself when your boss asks you to (still) hit your annual growth targets. In these uncertain times, there are two things for certain. 1. The virus curve will eventually flatten and go down. 2. Your annual growth target curve will always go up. You know it’s going to happen. Business has a short memory at best. Amnesia at worst. ‘Virus?, What virus? We’ve got numbers to hit!’ So, in-between ’stress baking’, virtual yoga lessons, Zoom catch-ups and wondering if 4pm is too early to start drinking – think about this: the ’New Old’ market is growing faster and is worth more than any other segment in Australia. They have more spending power and drastically less marketing attention than any other. And they are more likely to come out of our current financial situation better than any other. And ready to spend. So be prepared for the ‘we’re all in this together, but we still have to hit the numbers’ chat with some fresh ideas on how a little change in your marketing behaviour can make a big difference to hitting your numbers.  Oh yeah, and remember to wash your hands when you’re finished