This is a story sent to me by my friend, the great Creative Director, Joe Cupani. And unlike most of Joe’s stories, this one has a moral. Here it is:

My dish washer broke. I called Maytag. They sent over this kid armed with 3 cell phones and 2 computers. He spent most of the time on these. Then told me I need a new drain. Ordered the parts. put em in. Still not working. Went back to the computer. Told me I needed a new motor. Ordered parts. Installed them. Nothing. Back to one of 3 cell phones then back to the computer. Said you need need a new sprocket armature thingy. Ordered parts. This time an old guy shows up with a small tool box with half an unlit cigar hanging out of his mouth suspenders and a belly hanging over his pants making the waist band curl over. “He says wheres the parts”? I hand em to him. BUT before he opens the box he takes a look inside ,takes the rack out and reverses it . “theres your problem. Someone reversed the shelf. In these models it causes problems. Thats why these are discontinued.” Turns it on and BINGO, it works. Takes his tool box and leaves.

MORAL: Old age is a plus for businesses. Not a negative.
The guy had seen it all. He didn’t rely solely on technology to solve a problem. He used logic. Maytag would have saved a wad of dough had they sent the old man in first. Thats why all my doctors have been around a long time. THEY KNOW STUFF. BECAUSE THEY’VE SEEN ALOT OF STUFF. To all the companies firing and not hiring because of age: you are idiots.
Get some experienced people in to teach the younger guys some wisdom. You’ll save money. I know alot of seasoned people out of work because of age. It’s a crime. Because they KNOW STUFF. BECAUSE THEY’VE SEEN ALOT OF STUFF. (btw I still have 3 boxes of parts stacked in the corner. The kid never picked them up).

By the way, the guy in the picture is the fabled Maytag Repair Man: ‘The Loneliest Guy in Town’, from one of the great ad campaigns. When advertisers made campaigns. Not just executions.