Money follows culture; it doesn’t like to lead culture, as that is far too risky.
However, in a great article, supplied by Ageist,, they point out that when there is a shift in the culture, capital will naturally sense this and look to participate.

And thats where new VC fund, Primetime Partners, come in. Their mission is to support organisations that create meaningful new products, services and experiences in the under-served, trillion-dollar global sector of Ageing.

They know today’s culture is changing – and its getting older. The key is tapping into who this new/old market really is? What are they doing? Why are they different? What do they need now, and what will they need in the future? Because, simply, there’s a buck to be made here.

As Frank Zappa knew in ’68, it sounds cool to be culturally connected … but really, they’re only in it for the money.