What is Fifty Not Out?

We are a collective of positive ageing advocates and marketing realists. There are many things wrong with the world today, but two in particular concern us at Fifty Not Out. The first is Ageism, because judging anyone by their age alone is just plain wrong. The second is Wilful Ignorance of the hugely valuable over 50s market. Properly handled, over 50s can generate business growth at a time when growth is hard to find. We are in business to help fix both these things.

What does Fifty Not Out do?

We leverage social inclusion into commercial opportunity. We work with businesses to enlighten them on the New Old – people aged 50 to 75. A generation unlike any before, the New Old spends over $2 Billion a year and offers huge growth potential to smart brands. We help our clients identify and quantify untapped value, then work with them to remove barriers to tapping it. Quite often there’s an addiction to younger markets to overcome, which we address with our Six Steps intervention programme.

Six Steps Program

The Partners

Nick Richardson

Nick is guilty. Well at least he was. As guilty as anyone else working in the youth-obsessed ad industry of pre-judging and stereotyping older adults. But as he heads towards 60, he gets it. Not just from a personal point of view, from the overwhelming evidence the industry continues to largely ignore.

Nick’s a writer by trade. He’s been a creative director for a long time. He was a partner in several network agencies. He’s founded, built and successfully sold two businesses to publicly-listed companies.

He rides a bike, swims and runs, yet somehow manages not to be a triathlete.

Jeff Sanders

Jeff is the data guy, among other things. He’s one of Australia’s leading database marketing agency specialists. He’s managed businesses for several leading network agencies including WPP, Omnicom and Publicis.

Jeff’s bag is helping businesses and brands create value by understanding human behaviour at an individual level. As a member of the 50+ market himself, he’s baffled by the marketing industry’s lack of attention to his millions of age peers. He sees them treated them as digitally naive, and being lumped into a single group. He doesn’t like what he sees.

Jeff fits in Fifty Not Out when he’s not a jazz drummer, bass player or marathon swimmer.