If you’re like most of the people we know over the age of 50, you’re trying to get in shape – or maintain some level of fitness so you can ‘keep it together’ as your body naturally ages.

And as awesome as an increasing number of my ‘hard core’ friends and I think we are by training for (and participating in) triathlons, Ironman and marathon ocean swimming events, we pale next to Ed Whitlock, an 85 year old marathon runner.

Or do we?

The reality is, even though Ed comes off as a little bit of a ‘freak show’ (given our ageist societal views on anyone with grey/white/no hair), he’s probably just the beginning of a trend. And it is likely that there will be more people like Ed, doing sub 4 hour marathons over the age of 80, in the near future.

We are all living longer, healthier lives – and we want to make the most of it. It’s time marketers figured this out, too.

Keep on running Ed, but don’t look back, because we’re right behind you. (See article below.)